About Narayan Kumar

Narayan Kumar of nylonplucks.com

I am an intermediate to advanced player of the classical guitar. I interact almost every day with players of all levels on one of the most alive discussion forums and teaching portals for our chosen instrument: Classical Guitar Corner Academy.

It’s an international body of students of all ages, including a couple of folks over eighty years old! Talk about the passion that we are capable of.

I was interviewed for a podcast at the CGCA to talk about my guitar background, influences, goals and accomplishments. You can check out my podcast if you’d like to know more about my passion for the guitar.

The CGCA also recently did a video feature on me to highlight what they felt were my contributions to the classical guitar community. Take a couple of minutes to check it out.

I am one half of the classical guitar duo DuJu along with Mark Cohen, a classical-guitarist out of Cleveland. Together we perform online duets – with virtual-journey videos as a backdrop – as also trios and quartets inviting other colleagues to fill in.

I love making solo videos too of my playing, using a green screen to pop in my travel pictures as background. Thus combining my two favourite activities – classical guitar and photography.

You can see my DuJu videos as well as my solo efforts on YouTube.

I have owned a few guitars, sold some (even burnt one!), tried almost every type of string there is, seen a guitar bridge fly off the soundboard, argued about cedar over spruce tops, taught myself the basics and a lot of the advanced stuff (wrongly!) and bought a million compilations, Sor studies, the Noad and Sagreras methods and sheet music.

I continue to own and love my earlier Alhambra 7P, but usually play my Amalio Burguet Concert 1A, which I bought at the luthier’s on a holiday in Valencia, Spain. I may also be the new owner of a German Vasquez Rubio shortly.

As you can tell, I am your ordinary, regular classical guitarist who flounders as much as he succeeds!

After seeing for myself, first hand, the value of an online forum (at the CGCA) and seeing how useful it was to me and to everyone else, I turned my mind toward creating a special place for well ordered, helpful content on matters relating to the classical guitar.

Not just short, FB-type streaming discussions with a short life span, but a more permanent repository of helpful information on the many issues that concern us from purchase to upkeep to technique to health hazards to books and methods to sheet music.

Nylonplucks.com is the direct result of such thinking. Enjoy, as I build it in stages in front of your eyes.