Easy Songs + Easy Reading Scores For Classical Guitar

If you are here from watching the 3 Easy Songs videos on YouTube here’s the promised pdf link to the free music score. Download 3 Easy Songs + Notation Guide.

If you are here from watching the Kuffner Andantino Easy Song, download the pdf 4 Easy Songs + Notation Guide. It contains the Kuffner song as well as 3 other easy songs for you to play and enjoy.

Chances are you have a classical guitar lying around the house somewhere. It may have been your first guitar. A good reason to bring it out is to learn a couple of easy songs for it. Plucking a nylon guitar is fun.

These songs, which are not difficult to play, were studies written by the great Fernando Sor, a major composer for the classical guitar from the 18th century. 

We have a video on YouTube which teaches you how to play 3 songs of Sor: Op 60 No 1, Op 60 No 2 and Op 31 No 1. Not exactly memorable names like Hotel California or Stairway to Heaven but that’s the way classical music goes. Hey, don’t judge the quality of music from the titles!

In the video’s beginning, I have a brief section where I teach easy sight reading skills. It will help you to read guitar notes off a music sheet. It’s a brief section of less than two minutes. 

So within 2 minutes you can learn to read some sheet music! How about that? And you can carry on from there learning to play 3 easy pieces as well.

Here’s the video if you have not seen it before.

3 Easy Songs For Classical Guitar + Easy Notation

Incidentally, the free pdf of the 3 Easy Songs + Notation Guide has the sight-reading material covered in the video as well as the easy-reading scores for the 3 songs. Once you download the pdf, you’re all set for an afternoon (or late night) session of self-education. Of both easy sight-reading plus learning three delightful songs for the classical guitar. Enjoy.

Easy Song by J.Kuffner

Kuffner has written some enjoyable and short studies for beginning students. This Andantino is one of them and you can download the pdf score with additional markings here: 4 Easy Songs + Notation Guide.

If you enjoyed this, I recommend going further to learn 15 Easy Classical Guitar Pieces With Sheet Music, Audio & Study Notes.

Happy sight reading!

Narayan Kumar

Narayan Kumar is a passionate classical guitarist and an online research buff. He is also one half of the online classical guitar duo DuJu who put out guitar duets regularly on their YouTube channel. Read more about Narayan.

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