Recommended Gear

My gear recommendations

I’ve kept the articles and reviews on the site as unbiased as I can manage. But this is a page where I can freely share my personal recommendations.

Given my fetish for online research, I’ve spent hours, hundreds of them, searching the net for optimum solutions. These items have been battle-tested, directly by me or people well known to me, and I can recommend them without hesitation.

Many of these products or services are not always high-end items. I’ve tried to go for things that are priced well in my opinion. Without compromising on a high quality standard. 

These are things I use or have used. Where I’m not qualified (I’m not a child or an adult with small hands, for instance) I’ve gone about the research like it mattered personally and also observed choices of people I trust. Including a passionate, experienced teacher of the classical guitar to young children.